Seaweed Intensive Pond Cultivation

Dear colleagues

I would like to inform you that I officially retired from my position in the Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research, Haifa , Israel, after 20 years of work.

I have been mainly involved in the research and development of seaweed culture in ponds. Under this title I developed the technology of intensive seaweed cultivation in terrestrial seawater ponds for several commercial species. The infrastructure, which I developed, maybe adapted for almost every seaweed species of commercial value. 

The achievements of these developments have been already implemented in several seaweed cultivation companies in Israel .

In the future I will be happy to share my experience with students, scientists and companies, interested in pond cultivation technologies of seaweeds.

Yours, Michael Friedlander


Dr. Michael Friedlander
8 Mordechai St., Ramat Hasharon, 47441, Israel

Home Phone: 972 3 5405565





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