Seaweed Intensive Pond Cultivation

Curriculum Vitae
Michael Friedlander



1937    Born in U.S.S.R.    Marital status: Married


University Eduction and Additional Training

1963-1965     B.Sc. in Agriculture at the Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem.

1965-1968     M.Sc. in Plant Physiology at Tel-Aviv University .
                      Title: Effect of albumine on partial reactions in photosynthesis.

1970-1976      Ph.D. in Plant Physiology at Weizmann Inst. of Science.
                       Title: Research on hormonal regulation of sex expression in Cucurbitaceae.

1976-1977      Postdoctoral position at Weizmann Inst. of Science
Subject: Drought resistance in wheat.

1982-1983      Sabbatical leave at Univ. of South Florida , Tampa , with Prof. C. Dawes.
                       Subject: Ecophysiology of Gracilaria.


Positions held and Academic Status

1977-1984       Lecturer at the Botany Dept., Tel-Aviv Univ.

1984-2004       Senior Scientist, Israel Oceanographic & Limnological Research, Haifa.

1991-1994       Head of Marine Biology Dept., Israel Ocean. & Limnol. Res., Haifa.

2001-               Member of the International Seaweed Association Council.


Relevant Publications

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  • Friedlander, M.  2008. Israeli R & D activities in seaweed cultivation. Israel J. of Plant Sciences 56:15-28.


Research experience

In the research frame of Eco-physiology of seaweeds I studied the following major subjects: pond cultivation technology of Gracilaria, Ulva and Porphyra; interaction between Gracilaria growth conditions and agar yield and quality; interactions between Gracilaria and pathogenic bacteria; interactions between Gracilaria and epiphytes; effect of water velocity and algal morphology on growth parameters of Gracilaria; ecology and biology of Porphyra linearis and Gelidium crinale; Adhesive proteins from Caulerpa prolifera.


Recent Grants Awarded

2002-2003       Mitigation of CO2  emmission from a power plant by cultured seaweed consumption.

2001-2004       Algal bioadhesive, European Community, 8 partners (coordinator).

2000-2001       Algal bioadhesive, Israel Ministerial of  Industry and Commerce.

2000-2002       Porphyra cultivation, Israel Ministerial of  Industry and Commerce.

1994-1998       Algal cultivation and their products, Israel Min. Ind. Commerce.

1995-1998       Gracilaria and its epiphytes, BARD.

1995-1998       Upscale of Gracilaria cultivation, Yad-Hanadiv funding.

1995-1998       Fish as bio-controllers of Gracilaria cultivation, AID-CDR.

1991-1994       Gracilaria strain selection for agar yield and quality, BARD.


Major interests

Seaweed cultivation technology and development of seaweed products.

Biofuel production from seaweeds.



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