Seaweed Intensive Pond Cultivation


The cultivation technology of seaweeds in ponds has been developed for species like Gracilaria, Ulva and Porphyra. Other species may be adapted as well.

The technology includes the following components:
Site selection, concept of pond construction (100-1500m2), concept of seaweed farm construction, seawater supply system, water movement system, CO2 enrichment system, fertilization system, seaweed harvest, post harvest treatment, pond cleaning and maintenance, daily and weekly treatment, epiphyte, grazers and pathogen observation and limitation.

Annual dry weight yields per 1000m2 reached 6 tons for Gracilaria, 10 tons for Ulva and 2 tons for Porphyra.

I will be willing to consult and lead the construction and current treatment of a seaweed farm.


Seaweed cultivation pond in IOLR (300 m2)

Gracilaria cultivation pond in Rosh Hanikra



A letter to my colleagues


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